Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

HunkISH (yes, we said HUNKISH) daytime soap star, Aiden Turner got the boot on “Dancing with the Stars” after failing to impress the judges and America.

The British born actor from “All My Children” got teary-eyed saying goodbye to partner Edyta Silwinska.

“Each week I came out here and gave it my all and got less nervous,” said Turner. “Last night, I had the best time dancing with Edyta.”

After her mini break through, reality TV mama Kate Gosselin will be back for another week despite having Mondays lowest score of 32 out of 60.

Former Playboy model and actress Pamela Anderson will also be returning with partner Damian Whitewood after moving up to third place on the judges leader board. Still can’t believe her splits at the end of her routine! No wonder Len asked for more. You go girl!!

Mr. Personality or shall we say Mr. ‘Burke’ (as Chad Ocho Cinco called it) rumbaed his way into another round with professional Cherly Burke. Not sure how the football pro can top the bling he gave Burke next week? Diamond necklace maybe? Always confident and joking on stage, Chad did admit he was worried about the results on his Twitter:

OGOchoCinco: “In my trailer playing LUCIANO PAVAROTTI song Anka: My Way featuring Frank Sinatra on repeat enjoying a Rocky Patel nervous bout 2night.

Also back next week, the couples with the weeks highest standings: Pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough in second place and Olympic gold metalist Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya at number one.



Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Double Score Showdown Week – sounds like the O.K. Corral, rather than a dance competition!

But, apparently for Kate Gosselin showdowns are right up her alley — because tonight was her best night.

Erin Andrews and Maks’ tango took some hits from the judges. Performance and technique scored a bit low, but the chemistry between the two scores high! 

Evan Lysacek and Anna garnered a “you pleased me” from the usually grumpy Len, which in Goodman language is over the top!

Nicey Nash and Louis took on the rumba, it’s usually called “the dance of love.” But Louis asked, that they work on the spiritually of the dance and dedicated it to Nicey’s deceased brother. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Aiden Turner and Edyta danced the rumba, — Turner got no love from the judges, but Edyta looked fabulous!

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek received pretty scores in the double scoring showdown – surprising after last week’s spanking.

Jake Pavelka and Chelsie’s tango had some rough spots, like Jake’s personality, but hey the judges didn’t hate it. And the ISH didn’t mind it, because the camera didn’t constantly zero in on Vienna.

Kate Gosselin and Tony didn’t suck - amazing, at least it wasn’t painful to watch this week. The distressing thing was to hear Kate say that she determines how her day will go by turning on the tv every morning – to see what Jon has done! ISH so weird!

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl danced the rumba, finally Chad finally got his groove on! We
saw great scores and Cheryl’s bling, Chad gave her a diamond ring to thank her for putting up
with him! Hmmm!

Pamela Anderson and Damian danced the rumba, and it was hot — even Len loved it, saying “of all the girl celebrities I’ve seen the best, just a little over dressed!”



Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Dancing With The Stars’s judges ask that the dances on this week’s show tell a story, and at least one really did!

Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel’s waltz portrayed an interracial couple in the 60s and how their relationship was socially unacceptable. Louis said that he’s “still in that boat” because he is a gay man who can’t get married in this country. We loved that DWTS had a real moment!

ISH has it’s own story on the night – it’s a quickstep, because we hate recaps!

Evan Lysacek and Anna’s story was about a husband who was mad at his wife, because she was running late – it got them to the top of the leader board. Kate Gosselin should hang up her dance shoes, not because she’s a bad dancer, but as Carrie Ann said, “she’s just hard to watch- odd, strange.” Buzz Aldrin is a legend, not a dancer, but he gets points for having an iPhone and knowing how to use it! Jake Pavelka isn’t a bad dancer, but his hissy fits make Kate’s look mild. Chad Ochocinco’s paso doble was about him trying to hit on Cheryl all season, and he actually did a decent job, not getting Cheryl, but in the dance. Bruno said when Chad danced that the “Kraken was released – obviously Bruno watched Idol last week! Pam Anderson has never been on my radar, but when Charo helped her out with the paso she got big points. Anderson’s story was about a gypsy PETA activist who falls for a matador and hates that he kills bulls. I actually like her. Aidan Turner wasn’t a cry baby this week and his was a Pygmalion story –he paints the woman of his dreams and Edyta comes to life and asks him to quickstep. I’m sure a lot of guys would dig that. Erin Andrews and Maks’s waltz was “all about trust,” according Erin, which meant Maks blindfolded her for most of it. Bruno joked that next, they’d be using handcuffs. We’re all wondering if they’re already have! Didn’t he date Willa Ford, and he’s so over Karina. Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough broke a lot of rules in their quickstep story about two sailors on leave but Carrie Ann thought it was darn entertaining. ISH loves Derek!


Dancing With The Stars: The Men–From Buzz to Evan!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The men of Season 10 –Dancing With the Stars, never a more diverse group, with everything from a legendary astronaut to an Olympic gold medalist. Who would ever think they would see the second man to walk on the moon on the same show with former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson–American Reality TV, nothing quite like it.

NFL star Chad Ochocinco was first on the floor with partner Cheryl Burke doing the cha-cha, a dance Burke described as “fun and flirty, just like Chad.” Judges Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Anne Inaba all agreed Ochocinco has great potential. Fresh from The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka partnered up Chelsie Hightower, who says Jake will get a lot of votes from the female audience because “he’s hot.” The judges were torn on Jake’s performance, with Inaba saying he worked romance into his dance, while Bruno argued he was too rough.

Leaving his ice skates at the door, Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek braved the dance floor with his partner Anna Trebunskaya. Lysacek acknowledged that his experience as a skater might prove beneficial, but he had trouble turning, it’s the opposite direction that skaters generally turn. Even with the challenges he faced, Lysacek scored the second-best result of the evening.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin received loving tributes from colleagues at the space station, but all three judges agreed that the moonwalker’s moves needed some work. “How can I possibly criticize a hero and a legend, but I have to do my job,” Tonioli offered before he and the judges bestowed Aldrin with the lowest score of the evening. Aldrin accepted the result gracefully, declaring: “I’m looking forward to the future.”

All My Children actor Aiden Turner failed to impress the judges with his cha-cha with partner Edyta Sliwinska. Carrie Ann Inaba enjoyed Turner’s approach and bravado but felt he and his partner didn’t hit the mark. “I gave it my all,” he said “the crowd had my back, but it’s nerve-racking out there.”

Because the votes and scores will be combined with next week’s results, none of the 11 dancers are in danger of getting the boot from the competition.

ISH loves new co-host Brooke Burke, so much better than … The chemistry with Tom Bergeron is definitely leaps and bounds over Samantha Harris. And, hey Tom are you sporting a dancer’s spray tan? — back when we worked together on radio in Boston you never did that for us!

Who did you like? Give us your comments — come on, who’d ya pick up the phone for?