Celebrity Apprentice: Seinfeld Lets Leifer Down But Not Trump!

“Seinfeld” writer Carol Leifer was the first one fired on “The Celebrity Apprentice”. The women’s team which is called Tenacity lost to the men’s team Rock Solid in the first task of season nine. It’s all about raising the most money for charity , so Trump asked how much money Leifer had brought in, and he was told not much. “Did you call Jerry?” asked Donald– Leifer said her former boss was out of town and couldn’t help her out. Not bringing in the bucks along with calling her teammates “dumb” seemed to be the clincher for the comedienne/writer.

Kind hearted Project Manager Cyndi Lauper wouldn’t throw anyone under the bus so Trump fired Leifer without the usual formality of bringing two team members and the project manager back into the boardroom. But before the self-professed “Jewish woman with a mouth” could leave she asked Trump for a donation to her favorite charity. Trump anted up ten thousand dollars personally for The North Shore Animal Rescue – leaving Leifer to say “he’s number one in my book!” So where does that leave her former boss Jerry Seinfeld?

Spoiler Alert

The star of VH1′s Rock of Love told Regis and Kelly, on “Live With Regis & Kelly”, “if you want to see me on Celebrity Apprentice, tune in early.” But Bret Michaels won the first task on the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice taking in a hundred thousand dollars for his charity, so why would he be fired –insiders hint that it’s because he keeps arriving late, a little reminiscent of a former pro basketball player in season seven (Rodman)?

Celebrity Apprentice airs on NBC, Sundays 9/8C

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