Dancing With The Stars: Elimination Night!

Why didn’t Kate Gosselin get sent home? Surely, her huge fan base would want to save her from the dance recital angst she was suffering. Seriously, it was painful to watch, much like watching her marriage on Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

But, instead of sparing the mom from any further torture, Shannen Doherty was sent packing. Doherty took the news rather well, taking into consideration that she had already lost her dance partner. Mark Ballas had injured himself in rehearsal earlier and would have been sidelined for six weeks.

The eliminated Doherty, 38, said she had done the show to please her father, a big fan of DWTS.”I think that dancing isn’t really my thing,” she said. “I’m an actor and it’s what I love to do. I did this for my dad and I did exactly what I wanted.”

Former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson was a surprise finisher in the bottom two after her well danced homage to Marilyn Monroe in her fox-trot. Anderson just made it, along with reality TV mom of eight Kate Gosselin, which is so surprising considering that Gosselin barely remembered her dance.

According to a show insider who spoke to Life & Style magazine. Pam is not a big fan of Kate. The source reported that Anderson questions the motives behind Gosselin’s friendliness. “Kate thinks it will help her career, so she’s trying to be all palsy-walsy with Pam. Kate thinks they have a lot in common because their private lives have been (tabloid) fodder for years and they’ve both had reality shows.”

Apparently the show reps deny that there’s anything mean spirited going on. But judge Carrie Ann Inaba told Life & Style “the night they announced the cast, I was tweeting along with it, and as they announced Kate, there was the most negative feedback, it was so unfortunate. I think everybody just needs to give her a chance, just like everybody else.” ISH shall try…

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