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Contributor: Ellen Lavinthal

Animal Alliance is a 501c3 non profit animal rescue organization that is committed to sponsoring homeless and unwanted companion animals in need of housing, food, and medical attention. A unique program offered by Animal Alliance is one that contributes to the medical costs of low income families’ pets so that these animals may receive necessary care. Another Animal Alliance project is the support of several feral cat communities in the city. In addition, Animal Alliance has been given the privilege by the city of Los Angeles to distribute spay and neuter vouchers to private individuals and other rescue groups.

Celebrities around town all want to help out so they are buying up these fabulous t-shirts. All of the proceeds from your purchase directly benefit one of our programs. Thank you in advance for your support.

Blair Underwood and daughter wearing our Lily design T-shirt Ali Hillis star of Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Animal Alliance supports mandatory spay and neuter initiatives such as the bill currently pending with the California State Legislature–SB 250. For more info on how you can help SB 250 go to

PLEASE ADOPT, DON’T BUY. The shelters and rescue organizations are abundant with any type of cat or dog, including purebreds. In fact, 25% of the dogs in the shelters are purebreds. For help locating a companion animal go to

ANIMAL ALLIANCE JOINS THE PROTESTS AGAINST THE CRUEL CONDITIONS AT PUPPY MILLS. For more info on the conditions of the puppy mills which supply most pet shops where puppies are sold go to Come join the protests!

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