Jerry Seinfeld Brings His New Show To The Road! Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee!

Louis C.K & Jerry Seinfeld



Fans know that Jerry Seinfeld loves his cars and coffee is a staple in his life. So why not put the two together! The comic does just that in his new online talk show.

The show aptly named  “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, places Seinfeld  and another comedian in a car cracking jokes while drinking some joe! The show was inspired by an episode from his 1990s sitcom.

In the episode George decides he may become successful if he lives his failed life in the opposite manner.

“That,” recalls Seinfeld in a recent interview, “gave me the idea to create a talk show that was the opposite of the typical show. “With a typical talk show,” he says, “you have to go to a studio. You have to tell them in advance what you’re going to talk about. You have to dress up. You have to put on makeup. It’s very, very organized. I thought, maybe there’s a different way than being stuck on a couch: Outside and moving is the opposite of inside and still.”

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee launched on the Crackle digital network in 2012, and its third season hits the pavement on Thursday with Seinfeld joining Louis C.K. for a cup of coffee after a crazy ride on a clown-car-scale 1959 Fiat Jolly. Future guests include Patton Oswalt, Howard Stern, Tina Fey, Todd Barry and Jay Leno. “I got really excited about the Leno episode,” he says, “with me being his friend all these years, and now having this opportunity to show the old comedy-crazy Jay. So many people think of him as a talk-show host. This captures him as a comedian.”


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