This Week’s ISH LIST!

Welcome to this week’s ISH LIST!


 That’s right, all things ISH loved this week and wanted more of:

First up- Charlize Theron talks her new movies, “Young Adult” and “Prometheus” to and yells at her publicist! Not really, but read her interview to see how down to earth she is and how great her new movies sound. What we loved about her Academy Award winning character in “Monster,” we may be seeing more of soon!

ISH thinks Neil Patrick Harris’s family day pictures are SO cute, we could pinch them!  Hopefully he gets to sit beside Kelly Rippa permanently so we can see more of him. What a beautiful [dirty?] blonde duo that would make!

Hats off to Britney Spears who turns 30 today! And why am I congratulating her? Well, It seems she’s over her crazy head shaving days and has finally settled into motherhood. Good for her! Here’s a timeline of her most notorious videos.

Anne Hathaway sported a beautiful rock on her finger this week after getting engaged to BF Adam Shulman. The girl deserves it after dealing with her ex, [now jail bound] Raffaello Follieri’s drama. Check out how happy the couple is! Congrats Anne!


 And with everyone ISH list, there comes a SHIT [whoops] SH-ISH list.

Congrats to Kourtney Kardashian on her baby to be. BUT, she’s already found a way to make money off the little one with her “Mommy Blog.” AND, another baby with Scott Disick? Really? If someone is not marriage material- then they are definitely not [2nd] baby material!

More baby drama. Country Singer Mindy Mccready kidnapped her son [who she doesn’t have custody of] and is refusing to return him to his father.  Celeb or not- Kidnapping never goes well for anyone. Bring the boy home and work it out! Read about the ordeal here.

And Jersey Shore’s “Vinny” – [do we really care to know his last name? ] decided to take on rapping to add to his lists of other talents [?] that make him a celeb. Rap if you want to .. but check out Vinny’s rap here... and tell me if you don’t find is completely misogynistic?

That’s all for this work week. Let ISH know of any good stories that can top our ISH or SH-ISH list next week by emailing us at!



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