Spielberg’s “Lincoln” Promo Steals Presidential Debate Thunder!

There wasn’t the typical delay rolling out from the debate into a commercial spot last night. Steven Spielberg‘s Trailer of “Lincoln” dropped immediately following the Presidential Debate. It felt like we were going to a Washington pundit with the White House rising up in the background.

But it was indeed a glimpse at the Daniel Day Lewis biopic of our 16th President. It was actually more than a glimpse, it ran two minutes and was very dramatic, a stark contrast to the very lackluster debate.

The trailer, which opens with black-and-white photos and inspirational soundbites, feels like a campaign ad. Lincoln definitely won Wednesday night’s debate with a closing line like - ”I am the President of the United States of America, clothed in immense power!” – many democrats seem to have wished that President Obama had ended on that note.

The film will have its world premiere Monday at the New York Film Festival.

There is already Oscar buzz for Lewis, and the supporting cast includes Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln.





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