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Wonder Woman Back On TV With A New Look!

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Producer David E. Kelley is taking justice out of the courtroom and into the streets. Kelley, who brought us Ally McBeal and Boston Legal is rebooting the DC Comics’ superhero Wonder Woman for NBC!

Adrianne Palicki of Friday Night Lights takes on the role – we haven’t seen WW on TV since 1979 when Lynda Carter starred in The New Adventures of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman’s new costume was revealed today…a bit different than the 70′s version, there’s been some controversy over the new look. featured a piece Friday which took issue with the loss of Wonder Woman’s stars and stripes…come on Fox give us a break. The next thing we know Glenn Beck will be calling her un-American!

DC Comics gave Wonder Woman a makeover in its 600th issue last year. Instead of her traditional red bustier, star-flecked hot pants and red knee-high boots, the superhero wore a motorcycle jacket, ankle boots and dark blue leggings.

Word is Warner Bros. Pictures is also developing a film version of  Wonder Woman set for release in 2013, according to preliminary casting Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks wants to play the heroine.

“Keep up the good fight” – Wonder Woman